Hope for Life

The silence here at night is deafening. Once in awhile a child screams out in pain and I am numb to it. There was a time I would have cringed at that sound, my heart would have ached for them. Not now. Now I think 'thank god that child has the strength to scream, the energy is there, they are alive.' Alive...not well, but alive. I took too much for granted, now I need hope for life. Stay strong little man...you are my hero.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mom of the Year

Hello all,
Yes, we know it's been a long time. Time runs quickly between hospital visits, care for Ayzac and just life developments. Ayzac is now officially palliative (12 months or less) and we are trying to focus on the good in our lives and the positive changes he has made for all of us. Now that he has full time nurses, Krystal was able to go to school for nursing, inspired by him. Despite her huge load, she is getting top marks. A documentary, following her, is under way and preparations are being made to follow her about as it will be about life with a child with a rare disease. We don't have a ton of details just yet.

One development that we are rather excited about, is that I nominated Krystal for walmart's "mom of the year" as a mothers day gift, after another loved one called and asked me to do it. To our surprise and astonishment, she has made it the the top 20!!!! Please visit the link to vote for her, ensuring a place in the finals.

For those who don't have facebook, I'd like to quote a few of the comments being made about Krystal from outside our family circle

Shelly Adam:

Krystal is an inspiration to all Mother's... she only wants what is best for her children and has proven that to me from the start. She is, without a doubt, "Mom of the Year".
P. Woodburn:
 In the face of adversity Krystal continues to show that love conquers all. I am truly amazed at her strength and stamina to continue day in and day out after repeatedly being given daily mountains to climb! She is truly an amazing woman.
Liz Murray:
 Krystal is beyond amazing she is unstoppable, both as a mother and a woman. She is hands down Mom of the Year!
J. Althoff:
 I have, and still draw strength from Krystal. What an amazing mother and woman.
M. Harezmueller:
 I can't imagine anyone being able to do a better job. Amazing and inspirational, Krystal.
K. Racine:
 Simply amazing, a true inspiration ...she is human, her outlook in life, her knowledge, her passion(s), she is real, her struggles, her achievements, her triumphs ...just a few reason why this mom could easy be considers mom of the year. She brings so much to everyone she meets, I am proud and honoured to have met her. ♥
L. Gray:
I agree! Krystal is an amazing Mom and she's going to be an amazing nurse. I'm honoured to have met her and her children. She's an inspiration :)

S. Ridley:
Krystal is a wonderful and beautiful person and she derserves this and alot more for everything she has done for her children and others. You are a inspiration to alot of mommy's, me being one of them and you deserve this.
I. Khazzle:
Krystal is an awesome classmate of mine. She contributes a great amount of knowledge to our class. She shares interesting stories about her son which enhance my learning experience. When listening to Krystal, it is obvious to me that she is a wonderful mom. The amount of care she provides for her son is immeasurable. You're a special person and are supporting a great cause. Good luck Krystal :)
T. Bui:
Krystal is a tough mother! Despite her worries she tries her very best in school. One of the top tiers. She has demonstrated knowledge from outside the class, and continuously inspire us to do good! You will become an awesome future nurse! Keep up the good work Krystal!
I Sall:
 Krystal is an awesome mom, and an amazing person. She’s a strong woman and I'm glad she's being recognized for her hard work. She definitely deserves this and is the Mom of the Year!
E. Santos:
 Krytal's truly inspiring! It's hard enough to get up in the morning and face the little struggles we have in life, let alone, having to deal with major ones that she's gone and still going through. More power to you, Krystal! You are indeed a winner already!
A. Heggland:
  Krystal Lynne Shipley really is nothing short of amazing! We met Krystal at Canuck Place while Maddison was in her last weeks and we are so blessed to now call her a part of our extended family. She was there originally as a huge support to her Aunt and Uncle while her little cousin, Kade was palliative and sadly, later passed away. At the time, Krystal also knew that Canuck Place would become all too real for herself and her own family as her beautiful Son, Ayzac, also has a life threatening disease. Ayzac is now palliative and Canuck Place is already being used as a resource for the family. While she went through all of this, Krystal started nursing school and is getting top marks! She is going to make an excellent nurse. She has two other beautiful children, Taija and Kazzdon. While we were at Canuck, Krystal did her absolute best to keep us all smiling. She helped us enormously to get through the days with her witty sense on humor and amazing zest for life....All while knowing her son would be there one day. The Walmart Mom of the year prize doesnt just go to her. $100,000 also goes to Canuck Place. Please take a moment to read her story SHARE and vote! She really is an inspiring and most deserving Mom!! Thanks in advance :)
and one from Krystal herself: 

Many of you have heard about me and my son Ayzac, who is currently in the final stages of life (12 months or less). I just found out last night I have been selected as one of the top 20 moms for mom of the year!!! This means I could win as little as $10,000 dollars for my charity, I chose Canuck place children's hospice. They provide symptom management and respite and end of life care for families like ours!! I could also win $10,000 for myself which would be HUGE in ensuring I could cover the expenses for providing Ayzac with the beautiful memorial service he deserves. Votes could guarantee me a spot in the finals. PLEASE PLEASE go to www.momoftheyear.ca and read my story and vote for me!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!♥
-Lorna (Ayzac's gramma) 
Thank you all so much for your love and support. It really helps our family get through the darkest of times.

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