Hope for Life

The silence here at night is deafening. Once in awhile a child screams out in pain and I am numb to it. There was a time I would have cringed at that sound, my heart would have ached for them. Not now. Now I think 'thank god that child has the strength to scream, the energy is there, they are alive.' Alive...not well, but alive. I took too much for granted, now I need hope for life. Stay strong little man...you are my hero.

Monday, August 5, 2013


We are pleased as punch to announce that Stephanie Roung of MitoCanada has made it to the top 8! Confirmation emails were in on Friday, Krystal got hers too, and Canuck Place will receive a $10,000.00 donation!!. The two moms get to meet each other! It's very exciting. *insert a million smiley faces here* We have known about Stephanie since Ayzac got his first preliminary diagnosis and they helped spread awareness in our small town when a fundraiser was held here, by sending us brochures to hand out. We knew very little back then about the disease and MitoCanada was very receptive and quick to help with what they could! Since then, we made our own little brochures and keep them on hand for when people say "What is Mitochondrial disorder/disease?"

Good Luck Stephanie! In our eyes you are Top Mom!

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