Hope for Life

The silence here at night is deafening. Once in awhile a child screams out in pain and I am numb to it. There was a time I would have cringed at that sound, my heart would have ached for them. Not now. Now I think 'thank god that child has the strength to scream, the energy is there, they are alive.' Alive...not well, but alive. I took too much for granted, now I need hope for life. Stay strong little man...you are my hero.

Thank you, thank you!

We wanted to have a page specifically to thank everyone who has helped support us from the very beginning, in the middle and in the future. We deeply appreciate and value all of the emotional, physical and financial help and support we have received from everyone! xoxo

Thank you to The Forest Grove Legion, for tirelessly planning and putting on a great fundraiser for Ayzac in March, 2010. Words cannot describe how touched we were at all the work and effort put into helping my family through this tough time. The love of this community for our baby was palpable and heart wrenching. There are many, many people to thank, from those who donated items for the silent auction, to those who donated their time for the evening and especially to the Legion for even thinking of the event in the first place. It's always been difficult to ask for help and wonderful that this event came forward as such a surprise. We could not have gotten through these past months without that trust fund and the help of our community so this Thank You cannot be big enough to express how this event made us feel. (The newspaper reported an erroneous amount raised but even though it was not as much reported it was still substantial and is extremely helpful!!!) We made a video to share our journey for this event and it can be found on YouTube if you do a search for Ayzac Wilson.

Thank you to my gramma Kathy who has spent several nights in the hospital with Ayzac so I can get out and get a break every now and then!

Thank you to my gramma and grampa Ashton who have generously purchased Ayzac's crib and conversion kit! xoxo Also for donating money.

Thank you to The Cedar Crest Society for donating crib sheets and a wipe warmer for Ayzac. 

Thank you to my father Brad for helping with the renovations, both with time and money, and for helping with hospital expenses.

Thank you to Zach's father Herb and stepmom Sherri for helping pay for the reno's and money for hospital expenses.

Thank you to Zach's stepdad Oliver and Sandra for donating money.

Thank you to our best friend Mike for money to help cover expenses at the hospital, renovations and some bills at home.

Thank you to Kassandra and Adam for babysitting Kazzdon and Taija for such long periods of time AND to Kassandra again, for helping with donations, fund-raising and paying for my tattoo! (early Christmas present :))

Thank you to Auntie Elaine and Uncle Dean for donating money.

Thank you to my cousins Rena and Steve Crosson for donating money.

Thank you Auntie Daphne for donating money.

Thank you to our neighbors Roy and Diane Mezger for donating money.

Thank you to my friend Debbie, she ordered the scale from Air Miles to weigh Ayzac!

Thank you to ABC Communications, for donating the installation, cables and equipment needed for the internet! Connection will allow us access to the Ketocalculator, so necessary for his every day nutritional needs and BCCH for correspondence with his medical team!

Thank you to Twice Upon a Time for the bottle warmer, receiving blankets and crib sheets!

Thank you to Summer Infant who is generously donating the baby monitor!!

Thank you to Donex Pharmacy for donating Ayzac's measuring beakers. They were SO hard to find! Gord, thanks for finding them AND donating them!!

Again we appreciate all of the generosity and support! We are just beginning a lifelong battle with this disease and your kindness helps alleviate a lot of added stress! We love you all! xoxox